LUNA SANTORINI ☾ Boutique Suites


Enjoy the utmost pleasure, relaxation and privacy in Luna Santorini Suites and Pyrgos, close enough to the center and, in the same time, far enough from the crowds that are inundating it.


How to find us

Luna Santorini Suites is perched at the village of Pyrgos, the old capital of Santorini. It is situated  3km away from the centre (Fira), 5km from Santorini international airport, 6km from, Port Athinios and 2.5 km from the island’s most popular beach, Perissa Perivolos Beach.

The property is within a walking distance from the bus stop and from all shops and restaurants of the village.



As soon as you reach the airport/port of Santorini, you head to the direction of Pyrgos village. More specifically, you will look for the church of "Agios Christrophoros", which is in fact the meeting point of the villa. The villa is 5 minutes walk from the road. As it is located high in the neighborhood of Voreina just below the medieval castle (Kastelli), it is not accessible by car. Therefore, we will escort you to the property with a surprise-traditional way.

* Our guests are kindly requested to give us a call before they arrive in Pyrgos, so that we arrange luggage assistance on time.


About Pyrgos - SANTORINI

Pyrgos was the capital of Santorini until 1800. It was built on the highest point of the island, on the slope of Mount Prophet Elias, which is also the highest point of the island.

In the village center there is the medieval castle that still retains the characteristics of the Venetian Empire, the Byzantine churches, medieval houses and castles, churches that create a strong sense of power and prosperity. The castle is kept in very good condition, with houses built amphitheatrically around it.

It is worth visiting the monastery of Prophet Elias one of the oldest churches in the island, probably since the 10th century.

Do not miss to visit the picturesque Kastelli, which lies on top of a hill with amazing views. In the village you will find restaurants, bars and taverns with live Greek music. Traditional events are taking place during Easter. On Good Friday, the whole area is filled with scents of rosemary, which adorns the cross. On the same day, the Epitaph going around the neighborhoods and the village is surrounded by innumerable lamps and candles.

You should also climb the mountain! There are both road trails and paths to the top. Enjoy the view from the monastery. It's pretty impressive. However, the monastery itself is usually closed. If you decide to walk, you can take a path down the other side of the mountain in Kamari or Perissa, and visit also Ancient Thira.